6 Pair Pack (12 Trongs)
2 Pair Pack (4 Trongs)
Wholesale (350 Loose Trongs)
Six pairs (12 individual) reusable polypropylene burgundy trongs in a clear plastic bag.
Two pairs (4 individual) reusable polypropylene burgundy trongs in a clear plastic bag.
350 loose trongs in a 10"x10"x24" carton with a plastic liner.

Trongs are like three-limbed tongs that stand like tri-pods, so they're easy to pick up and put back down. They are great for eating messy food, such as buffalo wings and bbq ribs. Trongs are perfect food prep too... like breading chicken cutlets without the mess.

Now you can eat messy foods and pick up your beverage between bites, free up your fingers for texting, or shake someone's hand. With trongs, you can enjoy your favorite messy foods without the mess.



::: Frequently Asked Questions :::

Q. What are trongs made of?
A. Trongs are made of food-safe polypropylene.

Q. Are trongs reusable?
A. Yes, trongs are designed for repeated use and should be washed with soap and water.

Q. Are there different sizes and colors?
A. Trongs are one-size-fits-all. Please contact us for prices on customized colors and branding.

Q. Why do I need trongs - isn't getting messy part of the fun?
A. There will always be people who eat wings and ribs with their fingers, just as there are people who have yet to appreciate the benefits of smart phones and facebook. The reality is that getting your fingers sticky is annoying in most cases... so why not use trongs and avoid the mess.

Q. How will trongs help achieve world peace?
A. Perhaps trongs will eliminate a critical source of frustration, thereby generating a powerful wave of happiness and harmony that spreads throughout the known universe and beyond.


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::: How it all Began:::
While working late one night, Eric Zimmermann and Dan Ferrara decided to take a break and grab some buffalo wings. Just as they sunk their teeth in, Dan's cell phone rang and he scrambled to wipe his fingers clean. Not able to do so quick enough, he missed the call. That was the moment when they realized the obvious utensil that the world had been missing, and the concept of the trong was born.

For the next year, Eric and Dan worked to create dozens of different models of this new utensil, continually improving the design. They knew that in order for this product to work, it would have to be both comfortable and effective.



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